Fleas and Lice

January 30, 2012

Such a lovely topic for a Monday don’t you think?  ;)

We’ve been informed by a few local vets that fleas and lice are able to survive in this warm winter weather.  If you notice your dog scratching a lot, please get them checked out by your vet.  Here is some links where you can find out more – on fleas and on lice.  If you suspect your dog has fleas or lice please get them treated ASAP and don’t bring them back to play until your vet gives you the OK. The last thing your dog will want to do is pass it on to all their buddies.


  1. Leo Cutone says:

    This is such a superior idea. A friend of mine sent me your link. It’s such a excellent way to engage readers offline and get physical mail which everyone loves. I may have to do this after my blog is up and running a bit more.

  2. Yes the last thing you want is for dogs to spread it to their friends and their family also!