Did you get your hands on one of Windy City Rescue’s 2012 Calendars?  If so, you are already familiar with Lorelei Hoffarth‘s work as she was the woman behind the camera for all of those incredible pictures.  I couldn’t be more pleased to be working with her to bring all of you the ultimate in family sessions.

We are still working out all the finer details (which is why you haven’t heard about this yet!) but Echo’s family contacted us and wanted to get some pictures done before his very first hair cut tomorrow.

Echo 5 1024x682 Family Sessions   Echo

And who wouldn’t want to remember this dude all shaggy?

Echo 1 1024x682 Family Sessions   Echo

Last night was the second time we “officially” worked together.  I think it went pretty smoothly and I know I got some photos that I love and I’m sure she did too – she always does!  For the most part, Lorelei will be focusing on the people and I’ll be focusing on the dog(s), but there will be some crossover as we catch those moments “in between”.  For example, I think this was the “happy gum dance” right after Armand was promised a piece of gum if he smiled for the camera.  How could I possibly resist?

Echo 2 682x1024 Family Sessions   Echo

More information about these sessions will be coming soon.  Very soon.  I promise.

Echo 4 682x1024 Family Sessions   Echo

Thanks Beth for bringing your whole wonderful, incredible family out last night.  It was a lot of fun for us, and I hope for all of you as well.  You guys were all naturals.   And I’m glad Echo didn’t get too wet before heading home.







  1. Deb says:

    He looks so CUTE with the shaggy hair! Glad to hear that he still looks cute with his new haircut. Great photos!

  2. Beth Bidarian says:

    What a blast! We had such a good time and I’ll be recommending your “ultimate” sessions to everyone! Thanks so much! Beth P.S. The grooming has happened…and I’m pleasantly surprised at how cute he still looks!