The Open Gate

May 14, 2012

Even thought they get to go about once a day, going into the “big yard” in the back is always a special treat for the dogs.  They are so funny to watch when they realize the gate is open and they come flying out.


Gate 1 682x1024 The Open Gate


Gate 2 682x1024 The Open Gate

Rex (with Jasper hot on his heels)

Gate 3 1024x682 The Open Gate

Jake (looking oh so serious!)

Gate 4 682x1024 The Open Gate


Gate 5 1024x682 The Open Gate

Kaycee (who ran in and out this gleefully about 6 times)

Gate 6 682x1024 The Open Gate

And then there was poor Boomer.  He couldn’t figure out how everyone got out there – he was standing at the wrong gate!  (That’s Jasper on his left keeping him company, yet not showing him the way out.)  He eventually started his “special” bark and Amanda opened the gate for him.  :)

Gate 7 1024x682 The Open Gate

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