It has to happen at least once a trial I think.  A dog forgets that it is running on a teeter totter and instead of patiently waiting for it to tip, they go flying off the end.  I blogged a different series last year from a trial, but this year the angle I was at allowed me to capture the owner’s expressions – which are just priceless.  :)

Everything is going along great….





Series 11 When Good Teeters Go Bad

She can see the danger coming and tries to get her to stop…

Series 21 When Good Teeters Go Bad

Horror strikes as she has past the point of no return and she is going to jump off.

Series 31 When Good Teeters Go Bad

And finally hoping for a safe landing…

Series 41 When Good Teeters Go Bad

Series 51 When Good Teeters Go Bad

Hunter made a safe landing and carried on like nothing was amiss.  She just gave us all a little scare with her high flying acrobatics.

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