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Pool Party!

July 31, 2012

With all this warm weather you may have noticed your dogs coming home a little damp. icon smile Pool Party! We’ve had the pool out almost every day for the last two weeks! It’s a regular pool party around this place! Here are a few candid shots from Friday afternoon!

poolparty Pool Party!


poolparty2 Pool Party!

Draco and Feebee

poolparty3 Pool Party!


poolparty4 Pool Party!


poolparty5 Pool Party!



July 30, 2012


Piper and Kaycee are Sisters. They live in the same house and are actually related as well. They look alike and act alike. Just like any other sisters- they don’t always share their stuff. icon smile Sisters

siblings Sisters

Piper has a good grip on it...Kaycee is inching in for the steal

siblings2 Sisters

And with one quick grab Kaycee overpowers it and soon Pipers left with nothin... Such is sisterhood!

Longest Tongue

July 27, 2012

There is never any shortage of tongues sticking out around here! But look how long they are!!!

bentongue Longest Tongue

Ben- can't hold his tongue in when he wants the ball...

kayceetongue Longest Tongue

Piper doesn't really have an excuse. lol.

isistongue Longest Tongue

Isis is exuberant always and isn't afraid to show it.

rockytongue Longest Tongue

Rocky says all this playing is hard work!

tongueolive Longest Tongue

Olive's tongue has a mind of it's own!

tonguerex Longest Tongue

And Rex thinks that a little tongue is just how you show you're happy!

Dogs Eye View

July 26, 2012

This morning I was brave enough to get on the ground (with my camera!!) while the big dogs played in the big yard. I got some interesting photos. icon wink Dogs Eye View

dogseye1 Dogs Eye View

Kaycee, front and centre as always! Rex(Golden) and Olive in the background

dogseye2 Dogs Eye View

Riley (Wheaten) and Amy look ready for the throw...

dogseyeview3 Dogs Eye View

Spit Bubbles, everyone wants to see those once in their lifetime. Amy is happy to oblige.

dogseyeview4 Dogs Eye View

Running back without the toy....

dogseyeview5 Dogs Eye View

This is the real danger, and why I had to wash my lens three times. Finn the Bull Terrier has no sense of personal space..

dogseyeview5a Dogs Eye View

The Excitement of fetch!


July 24, 2012

Wendy is gone so you’ll have to bear with my photography skills for the next few weeks. icon wink Expressions They may not always be in perfect focus but they will be entertaining! Here are some photos of some funny faces from this morning…..

blog Expressions

Dozer looks to be laughing at something Bronco said

blog1 Expressions

Jackson looks pretty happy to have gotten the stick


blog3 Expressions

Fin, Dozer, and Lyla hang on tight while Koda waits for an opportunity

blog4 Expressions

Koda- content with his prize!



July 20, 2012

It has been a long, long while since I’ve taken any pictures at the daycare.  We are so far behind in pictures of new dogs it isn’t even funny.  Amanda will be working on that in the next couple of weeks!  In the meantime, I thought we’d share a few headshots… Tonka the bulldog is the only “new” dog but the Molly, Sawyer and Charlie were too cute to not share too!


Headshots 2 Headshots

Headshots 3 Headshots

Headshots 4 Headshots

Headshots Headshots

Head Tilt

July 19, 2012

Jaxson, quite possibly, has the cutest head tilt ever.  He can even do it both ways!head tilt 1024x524 Head Tilt

Lorelei and I met up with Macey, Indie, Sue and Leah for an Ultimate Family Session last week or maybe the week before (I’m starting to lose track of time this summer!).  Lorelei and I have teamed up to give you awesome dog photos AND awesome family pictures.  I focus on the dogs, she focuses on the people and we get a little bit of cross over just for fun.  We’ve done three together so far this summer and each one has been a blast.  I’ll leave Lorelei to showcase her photos (you can check her out on her Facebook page) but here are a few that I took that night.

Macey has been coming to daycare for a few years and I STILL managed to see a side to her I had never seen.  At daycare she is shy, reserved and very sweet.  Out at the park she was wild, playful, toy obsessed and had no time for pets or cuddles.  LOL.

Macey and Indie 1 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}



I’d never met Indie before but she was definitely my kind of girl – BALL OBSESSED.

Macey and Indie 2 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}

Macey proved yet again that the Cuz toy is the best thing ever.

Macey and Indie 3 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}

Although we couldn’t convince Indie of this. All she wanted was her tennis ball.  Nothing else would do.  I thew her another toy, she caught it and then instantly spat it out as if I’d tried to trick her into eating brussel sprouts or something.  She is a girl that knows what she wants!

Macey and Indie 4 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}

I’m used to seeing Macey with one ear up and one ear down but for whatever reason in most of the pictures she had both up all the time!  Was it the excitement?  The wind? The cuz toy?  ;)

Macey and Indie 5 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}

And we managed to get some silhouette shots as well.  As always, they turned out to be some of my favourites.

Macey and Indie 6 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}

Macey and Indie 7 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}

Macey and Indie 8 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}


This was one of the last shots I took of the night and the closest I got to getting an actually “family photo”.  Can you see why it will be nice to have Lorelei’s as well?  LOL

Macey and Indie 9 Macey and Indie {Lethbridge Pet Photography}

Thanks Ladies for a great time and for showing me your walking spot. The girls and I will definitely be checking it out!