Dogs Eye View

July 26, 2012

This morning I was brave enough to get on the ground (with my camera!!) while the big dogs played in the big yard. I got some interesting photos. icon wink Dogs Eye View

dogseye1 Dogs Eye View

Kaycee, front and centre as always! Rex(Golden) and Olive in the background

dogseye2 Dogs Eye View

Riley (Wheaten) and Amy look ready for the throw...

dogseyeview3 Dogs Eye View

Spit Bubbles, everyone wants to see those once in their lifetime. Amy is happy to oblige.

dogseyeview4 Dogs Eye View

Running back without the toy....

dogseyeview5 Dogs Eye View

This is the real danger, and why I had to wash my lens three times. Finn the Bull Terrier has no sense of personal space..

dogseyeview5a Dogs Eye View

The Excitement of fetch!

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