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Milo 2 Milos Lightbulb Moment

Today was Milo’s third visit.  We have no idea what happened between his last visit where he was still a little scared and unsure and today.  But wow.  What a change.  He came in all happy and confident and he stayed that way the whole time.

Milo Milos Lightbulb Moment

With shier dogs we never know how long it will take them to gain some confidence or if they ever will.  With Milo though, we are happy to say he has found his groove and there is no looking back!

Milo 3 Milos Lightbulb Moment

PS – I realize he is standing by himself in all of these, but he is actually impatiently waiting for someone to come out and play with him.  In between photos he was barking his request for a playmate to everyone who was inside. They didn’t keep him waiting for long!

Camera = Toy

August 21, 2012

I’m pretty sure Buddy is convinced the camera is a toy and that he is waiting for me to throw it. This is fine by me because that means he is always smiling at me!

Buddy 1 Camera = Toy

Buddy 2 Camera = Toy

Buddy 3 Camera = Toy



Come in to the Light

August 20, 2012

This was taken in the doorway – only Tessy’s nose and paw were out in the sunlight and hence, that is all you can see!

Tess 1 Come in to the Light


The Bomber

August 17, 2012

The cute little Bomber from yesterday got her wish. To be honest, it is hard not to photograph Artie.  Not only is she adorable but she keeps throwing herself in front of the camera.

Bomber 1 The Bomber

Bomber 2 The Bomber

Bomber 3 The Bomber

Bomber 4 The Bomber


August 16, 2012

I was trying to get a nice picture of Pepper standing in the door frame but Artie was trying to steal the spotlight!

Bomb 47 Bombed

Bomb 48 Bombed

Bomb 49 Bombed

Bomb 50 Bombed



August 3, 2012

Brodie would make a great super model. He has a million different expressions, and all within a few seconds!

facesofbrodie Supermodel


facesofbrodie2 Supermodel

Serious (some would say hungry...)

facesofbrodie3 Supermodel


facesofbrodie4 Supermodel


facesofbrodie5 Supermodel

any way you spell it- he's pretty handsome!!

When a terrier (such as this little cutie- Harley) want something they usually get it. With the power of persistence, determination, and sometimes outright theft! Here Harley demonstrates some key things all good Terriers should know….

whataterrierwants7 Lessons from a Terror *OOPS, Terrier*

The trick is to never give up. Follow them around long enough and they'll give it up. (Which indeed did happen! Buddy gave up the toy pretty easily..)

whataterrierwants5 Lessons from a Terror *OOPS, Terrier*

Don't be afraid to steal what is rightfully (or wrongfully) yours!

whataterrierwants4 Lessons from a Terror *OOPS, Terrier*

Once you have it don't let it go!! (Artie unsuccessfully tried to get the toy back..)

whataterrierwants2 Lessons from a Terror *OOPS, Terrier*

Enjoy the moment of victory!


whataterrierwantsaudiance Lessons from a Terror *OOPS, Terrier*

The victory is even greater if you have an audience!

Tugging Games

August 1, 2012
2against1 Tugging Games

Two Against One!!! Dozer (the Rottweiler) versus Fin (the Pointer) and Jackson (the lab)

3against1 Tugging Games

Three against One!!! Jackson versus Fin, Duke, and Dozer

4waytug1 Tugging Games

Four Way Tug! - Jackson, Fin, Duke, and Dozer