Milo 2 Milos Lightbulb Moment

Today was Milo’s third visit.  We have no idea what happened between his last visit where he was still a little scared and unsure and today.  But wow.  What a change.  He came in all happy and confident and he stayed that way the whole time.

Milo Milos Lightbulb Moment

With shier dogs we never know how long it will take them to gain some confidence or if they ever will.  With Milo though, we are happy to say he has found his groove and there is no looking back!

Milo 3 Milos Lightbulb Moment

PS – I realize he is standing by himself in all of these, but he is actually impatiently waiting for someone to come out and play with him.  In between photos he was barking his request for a playmate to everyone who was inside. They didn’t keep him waiting for long!

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