And We Are Back

April 20, 2013

I lost my blogging mojo there for a while.  Not completely sure why, but mainly because Facebook just makes it so darn quick and easy to share stuff, it is kind of hard to beat.

But the other day I was reading through some older posts and I realized that I really miss the blog.  It is a great chronological history for Paws on the Run and by reading through I can remember dogs that have come and gone and what things have changed over the years.  So I’m going to try and blog more. It definitely won’t be daily, but hopefully it will be at least weekly.  I’m not going to put any pressure on myself as that just kind of sucks the fun right out of it and it has to be fun, as I don’t have time to blog while I’m at work, so it is all done “on the side” so to speak.

Blog 1 And We Are Back

Ideally what I hope to do is bring my camera to work at least once a week and take enough photos for more than one blog post. So if you see some of the same dogs in the pictures in consecutive blog posts, you know why.  Every time I take my camera to work, I end up with a few hours of “extra” work (downloading, culling, editing, etc.) so it isn’t something I can do daily.

Blog 2 And We Are Back

We try and feature everyone’s dog but there are certain times and days that makes taking pictures more difficult.  I generally take the photos and Amanda helps out a lot but there are times we aren’t  there.  So for example if your dog comes Tuesday mornings, odds are, they aren’t featured on facebook very often and they will rarely be featured on the blog because I don’t work Tuesday mornings on a regular basis.  Some days are “wilder” than others and keeping an eye on things and taking photos isn’t always possible so the camera tends to come out during the quieter times and some days there aren’t any quieter times.  LOL.

Blog 3 And We Are Back

So I’m sorry if you don’t see your dog on the blog very often or other dogs seem to show up more than most.  It isn’t favouritism, it’s just timing.  Featuring every dog is something I stress about ALL THE TIME and I’ve decided I just need to let it go, or it’ll suck the fun right back out of things again. For example, you’ll notice that the blog posts that come up this week will all feature large dogs. That is because they were all taken within a 30 minute period on a single day and I happened to be hanging out with the big rowdy kids during that period. Some of them weren’t doing much doing those 30 minutes, some were playing too far away for decent pictures and others were wrestling constantly 6 feet away from me.  If I’d had the camera out an hour earlier or an hour later, I would have had photos of different dogs. I never know who or what I’m going to get.  I try and not make the camera = fun time or they all start to lose their minds with excitement when they see it.  Been there, done that. icon smile And We Are Back So if your dog is resting while I’m taking pictures, I’m not going to tell him it’s party time.

Blog 1 2 And We Are Back

That being said, I’ll try and bring my camera on different days each week and try and try and switch up taking photos in the mornings or afternoons. icon smile And We Are Back

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