May 2, 2013

Some completely random photos from last week….

Avery and Rosco playing chase.

Random 12 Randomness

Finn – take a quick breather between wrestling matches.

Random 11 Randomness

A very smiley Echo.

Random 10 Randomness

Apollo and Avery playing tug.

Random 9 Randomness

Avery playing keep away with Charlie.

Random 8 Randomness

Kahlua and Rosco just hanging out.

Random 7 Randomness

Ramone always has a smile on his face.

Random 6 Randomness

Luna was asking Brodie what he had for breakfast.  :)

Random 5 Randomness

Alfie sporting the windblown look.

Random 4 Randomness

Taylor and Charlie playing tug.

Random 3 Randomness

Monty and Alerya keeping an eye on things outside.

Random 2 Randomness

Alyera just “chilllin”.

Random 1 Randomness

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