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The Chair

June 1, 2013

Ernie will often hop up on the chair and wait for me to come visit. He perches on the end or up on the arm and it is super cute so today I decided I wanted to get a picture of him doing it. I dragged the chair outside so the light would be brighter and as is always the way, nothing went as planned.  Here are my thoughts/actual conversation with the dogs as I tried to get the picture I envisioned.

Maggie can you wait for me to actually get the chair in place before you hop up? No? OK.  Plan B, take cute pictures of you in the chair.

Chair 1 The Chair

Errrr. Could everyone get out of the way?  I’m trying to get pictures of Maggie.

Chair 2 The Chair

Hey Maggie!  Wake up.  You are getting your picture taken but I still need everyone else to move.

Chair 3 The Chair

Oh Hi Ramone.  You are looking particularly handsome today but I’m trying to get pictures of dogs (or rather Ernie) in the chair today.

Chair 4 The Chair

Yay.  Finally got Ernie in the chair. Hey Ernie – could you look at me? Please?  Just for  a sec?  You know like you usually do when you want me to come visit?

Chair 5 The Chair

Over here.  Hey Ernie. Shelby, do you have to go there right now? I’m trying to get Ernie to pose for me.

Chair 6 The Chair

Apollo and Luna.  Hey kids.  Could you come over here?  I’m trying to get a shot of Ernie.  Oh wait this could be cute.  Could you all look over here please?  Sigh…

Chair 7 The Chair

At this point I went inside, showed Amanda my pictures of everyone BUT Ernie and she pointed out all the messy gravel under the chair.  So I went back out and swept…  OK.  I’m ready now.  :)

Oh Charlie.  Is it your turn now?  Apollo, what are you doing back there? Could you grab the ball while you are there?  It is kind of distracting in the picture. Ramone, could you maybe try sitting somewhere else so I could just get one dog at a time?

Chair 8 The Chair

Hey Shelby.  Why don’t you get on the chair.  No one else seems to be around.  Ummmm…. That isn’t quite what I intended but OK.

Chair 9 The Chair

Mya and Shelby – do you have to play right there, right now?

Chair 10 The Chair

Yes I’m talking to you.  I’m trying to take a picture of Ernie in the chair remember?

Chair 11 The Chair

Yes Ramone, I know you are better than Ernie at this but you don’t normally sit in the chair so it just isn’t “you”.

Chair 12 The Chair

Thanks for showing him how it is done, you handsome dog you.

Chair 13 The Chair

Yes Charlie you can have a turn too.  Charlie if you want your picture taken you need to look at the camera.  Ernie now what are you doing?  I’ve given up on getting a picture of you in the chair. It’s Charlie’s turn now.

Chair 14 The Chair

OK Ernie you are in the chair.  Great. Could you give me a nice smile now?  Why are you giving me such a deadly glare? What did I do wrong?

Chair 15 The Chair

Oh that’s better.  But could you look over here?  Ernie!  Hey Ernie!  You hoo!

Chair 16 The Chair

Wait. I didn’t get the picture.  Where are you going?

Chair 17 The Chair

Alright Kahlua you can have a turn too but you aren’t any better at this than Ernie. Could you look at me?  Please?  Just for a moment?

Chair 18 The Chair

Maggie you are supposed to be ON the chair not next to it.

Chair 19 The Chair

Thanks Apollo for being such a good sport. You look nice and relaxed up there.  OK.  Now let’s clear everyone else out of the way…

Chair 20 The Chair

What are you two doing under there??

Chair 21 The Chair

I couldn’t have set this up if I tried.  Now if you could all look at me please….

Chair 22 The Chair

Yes Charlie you can have a turn.  And hey.  You are pretty good at this. First try and everything.  Monty what are you doing there?

Chair 23 The Chair

Alright Monty.  You can have a turn too although you really don’t seem comfortable standing on the chair.  Hey.  Are you just using this as a chance to see onto the street better?  Hey Monty!  I’m over here.  Smile for me…

Monty 1 The Chair

I’m sorry this is taking so long Luna.  Is your head getting too heavy?  Why don’t you just stop and rest a minute.

Chair 241 The Chair

AND finally Amanda suggested I lock everyone else inside and just take Ernie out.  Seriously.  Why didn’t I think of that earlier!!!!

This is it!  This is the moment I wanted to capture, albeit on a cleaner chair. icon smile The Chair  Thanks everyone for all your “help”.

Chair 251 The Chair