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Amanda was out the other day with the camera and took some cute photos of the dogs!

Ben and Amy.

Snow 2 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare


Ben, Piper, Kaycee, Jake (and Jett poking through just behind), Journey and Storm’s nose. icon smile Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

Snow 3 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare


Monty looking handsome in pink.

Snow 4 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

Jake displaying her patience for the toy to be thrown.

Snow 5 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

Bronco looking handsome as ever.

Snow 6 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

Bowser doing what he does best (aka biting necks!) to his sister Chinook.  Don’t worry.  She loves it.

Snow 7 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

Boomer doing his Elvis impersonation.

Snow 8 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

Cayleigh peeking out from all her fur!
Snow 9 Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

And last but not least, Toby running at full speeds.

Snow Random Snow Pics   Lethbridge Dog Daycare

2012 Calendar

November 14, 2011

For those of you who have been wondering, there will be a 2012 Paws on the Run Calendar.  I’ve been going through photos from the past year and trying to narrow down my options.  I love looking through the photos and remembering the:

Puppy Moments – they grow up so quick!

IMG 01331 1024x682 2012 Calendar

Summer Moments – I miss the sun already!

IMG 2686 682x1024 2012 Calendar

Err… rather Wet Moments

IMG 3696 682x1024 2012 Calendar

Sad moments – We seemed to have had a lot of friends cross over the Rainbow Bridge this pass year, many quite unexpectedly.  :(

IMG 5305 682x1024 2012 Calendar

Funny moments

IMG 5792 1024x682 2012 Calendar

Even Funnier Moments

IMG 9658 682x1024 2012 Calendar

I’ve been trying for weeks to tackle the calendar and just get it done so you guys can order one, and I’m getting there… slowly.  More information coming soon!

New Clients

November 7, 2011

We hate to do it, but we are finding it hard to find enough openings for our existing clients, so we will not be accepting new clients for a while.  Don’t worry, if you are an existing client and you get a new dog, we don’t consider them new so they’ll be able to come, provided we can find openings for them.

If you are not currently a client, but would like to be one in the future, please email us and we’ll put you on a waiting list.  Once our availability starts to open up a little more, we’ll contact you and see if we can work out a schedule that works.

new New Clients

The Squish

November 2, 2011

A few weeks ago Berlin discovered the blue ball and he hasn’t let go of it since.

Squish The SquishHe is carries it around, squishing it constantly. Sometimes the only noise we hear is the sound of Berlin squishing the ball.


Squish 3 The Squish

We aren’t sure what we are going to do when the ball needs replacing… He is awfully attached to it.

Squish 2 The Squish

Newer Faces

October 26, 2011

We’ve had quite a few new pups here lately.  Last week especially seems to bring quite a few new dogs so we thought we’d introduce you to a few.

This cute little baby is Bender…

New 2 Newer Faces


This is Killam – he was very excited to catch the ball.

New 3 Newer Faces

This is the very handsome Reggie that we were happy to FINALLY meet! (He’s Buster’s new brother)

New 4 Newer Faces


And last, but not least, is the little firecracker Robby!

New Newer Faces

Never Serious

October 21, 2011

Molly can’t keep a serious expression on her face no matter how hard she tries!

Molly Never Serious
Have a great weekend everyone!


October 20, 2011

Me:  All right everyone, time to come in.

Chuck: But I just got the toy and I want to play with it in peace.

Bruno 3 Chuck



Me: Chuck, come on.  Time to go.

Chuck: You must be talking to the other Chuck.  You know, the imaginary one that is over there somewhere.  You can’t mean me.

Bruno 2 ChuckMe: Chuck!  Come on.  Everyone else is already inside.

Chuck: But I am playing so cutely with the toy, don’t you think?

Bruno 8 Chuck

Me: Yes Chuck, you are adorable, but I’m cold and want to go in.

Chuck: But I love this toy.

Bruno 7 ChuckMe: You can bring it with you if you want.

Chuck:  Why didn’t you say so?  I’m coming!

Bruno 9 Chuck












Happy Face

October 19, 2011

Hey Spencer!  Why the big smile?

Spencer Happy Face

Oh I see!  You manage to get the toy. You are looking mighty proud of yourself.

Spencer 2 Happy Face

Enjoy it while you can!

Spencer 3 Happy Face

Black and White

October 18, 2011

For some reason only the black or black and white dogs were willing to stand in the sunlight at the door for me.  Thanks Towhee, Jackie and Monty for humouring me!

Door Black and White

Door 2 Black and White

Door 3 Black and White

Job Opportunity

October 17, 2011

IMG 8856 1024x682 Job Opportunity

Maureen had her last day with us last week.  We were sad to see her go, but she hasn’t gone far. She is working full time at Park Pet Vet Clinic now.

So we have a few shifts available if anyone is looking for some fun, part-time work.  We require someone for Monday and Friday afternoons as well as one other shift during the week (you can pick which one!).  There is more information if you click the “Employment” tag at the top of the blog.