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July 21, 2011

So I wasn’t there to photograph Oliver, but I just couldn’t resist.

Oliver 2 Oliver

How sweet is this old face?

Oliver1 Oliver

And he has the personality to match.

Oliver 31 Oliver

Dog on the Job

July 12, 2011

Elvis 3 Dog on the Job

I met up with Elvis this past weekend.

Elvis 5 Dog on the Job

He is a gorgeous, fun loving English Springer Spaniel.

Elvis 4 Dog on the Job

He really knows how to have a good time.  But he also knows when it is time to work.  Elvis is a Mould Detection Dog.  He is starting to work with his dad at finding dangerous mould in buildings.  Pretty cool eh?

Elvis 6 Dog on the Job

These are scent boxes – only one of them has the mould inside and when he finds it, he instantly sits.  We put him through 3 or 4 different trials and he got it right every time.  It was pretty cool to see.  There was no hesitation at all – he knew exactly what he was doing.

Elvis 8 Dog on the Job

Once the job was over, it was back to play time. I have a feeling that Elvis isn’t the kind of dog that will never be all work and no play.  :)

Elvis 9 Dog on the Job

Thanks Rebecca and James for introducing me to your incredible dog!

Taking Flight

July 11, 2011

Chloe Taking Flight

I met with Chloe on Saturday morning for an early photo session.

Chloe 17 Taking Flight

It was super windy, but we still managed to have a good time.  At least there were no mosquitoes!

Chloe 2 Taking Flight

It didn’t take long for her to become very attached to the itty bitty tennis ball I brought.  Unfortunately we lost it near the beginning of the walk and she didn’t want give up looking for it!

Chloe 12 Taking Flight

We finally convinced her to carry on without it.  She eventually played with the other toys I brought, but you could tell, she really wanted the tennis ball instead.  ;)

Chloe 30 Taking Flight

There were a few specific shots her mom was looking for and she wasn’t really cooperating – it involved sitting still and she just wasn’t into that.  But by the end of the walk, she was becoming quite the little poser.

Chloe 28 Taking Flight

For most of the walk, she wasn’t venturing too far from our sides, even though she is usually a bit more of a free spirit.  She knew I had cookies in my pocket and who knew what would happen to them if she wandered off too far.  Whenever we met up with other dogs, she would always check to make sure her cookies weren’t being given out to strangers.  ;)

Chloe 44 Taking Flight

Thanks Chloe and Lynn for a great start to the weekend.  I hope you enjoy the photos and got everything you were looking for (and more!).

Chloe 14 Taking Flight

CKC Leth Scent Hurdle 253 Scent Hurdle Racing

Scent Hurdle Racing is a relatively new sport, but it seems to be gaining quickly in popularity.  There are now quite a few teams in Southern Alberta and even one locally here in Lethbridge.

CKC Leth Scent Hurdle 171 Scent Hurdle Racing

Two teams, consisting of four dogs each, run against each other in a relay.  The dogs need to go over four jumps (hurdles) to reach a box at the end that contains four dumbells, one of which has their owner’s scent on it.

CKC Leth Scent Hurdle 242 Scent Hurdle Racing

They need to correctly identify their dumbell, pick it up and bring it back over the four jumps and cross the start line.  Only then can the next dog go. The dogs can carry the dumbell any which way they like, as long as they don’t drop it until they are over the line.

CKC Leth Scent Hurdle 95 Scent Hurdle Racing

There is one team member at the box whose responsibility it is to keep it fully loaded with dumbbells.  Once a dog picks up their dumbbell it is replaced with a “dummy” (marked with an X) so that each dog needs to find their dumbbell out of four options.

CKC Leth Scent Hurdle 260 Scent Hurdle Racing

The team that successfully gets all four dogs and their dumbbells over the finish line first wins. The team with the most wins at the end of the night gets the distinction of being 1st.

CKC Leth Scent Hurdle 259 Scent Hurdle Racing

This sport can be played by big and small dogs, however they do need to be registered with the CKC to compete.  The height of the jumps is based on the height of the smallest dog on the team.

CKC Leth Scent Hurdle 27 Scent Hurdle Racing

I had a great time watching the dogs this weekend.  It isn’t as easy as it looks but after a few runs, the dogs (and owners) got into the groove of things and there were some pretty tight races!

Agility Weekend

July 4, 2011

Blog 3 Agility Weekend

It was an agility filled weekend again.  This event was hosted by the Lethbridge and District Kennel Club.  It went so smoothly, you never would have guessed that it was their first event like this!

Blog 4 Agility Weekend

It was sunny and warm and a little breezy throughout the event so thankfully the mosquitoes were held at bay.  Unfortunately there were more than a few sunburns and the breeze, became a wind on Sunday afternoon and tents had to be rapidly taken down, before they were blown away.  But considering the weather we could have had, it was perfect.

Blog 5 Agility Weekend

Blog 8 Agility Weekend

There were lots of breeds there that I don’t tend to see doing agility very much.  There was a Dalmatian, Rottweilers, Duck Tollers and there was even a Spanish Water Dog which was totally new to me!

Blog 9 Agility Weekend

What I did expect to see (as always) was some sass on the course. I love it when the dogs talk back. icon smile Agility Weekend

Blog 11 Agility Weekend

And as usual, there were lots and lots of dogs that were an absolute joy to watch.

Blog 12 Agility Weekend

Amanda and Jo both had dogs running this weekend.  Their dogs did great as usual!  I got to sit on the sidelines and take pictures.  :)

Blog 15 Agility Weekend

I’ve learned that the poodles tend to be really “sproingy” so I’m ready for them when I take pictures of them going over the jumps.  I wasn’t prepared for Roxy, a flat coated retriever who managed to jump right out of the frame on more than one occasion. I’ll be ready next time. icon smile Agility Weekend

Blog 20 Agility Weekend

If you didn’t have a chance to come out this weekend to watch the dogs, never fear, Go Dog Go will also be hosting a trial in Lethbridge in early August.

Blog 22 Agility Weekend

I hope everyone else enjoyed their long weekend as much as we did!

Blog 23 Agility Weekend

Cookie the Tongue

July 1, 2011

Some days at the daycare, we sit around and think up mob names for the dogs (other days we figure out what “cliques” they would have been in if daycare was high school – the cheerleaders, the A/V nerds, the jocks, etc.) What? Don’t give me that look.  When you work with the same 2 or 3 people every day, you start to have weird conversations!  :)

Cookie 5 Cookie the Tongue

Anyway….  As I was looking through pictures of Cookie last night from our photo session, all I could think of was that Cookie’s mobster name should be Cookie the Tongue.  It got longer and longer as the night went on.  :)

Cookie 37 Cookie the Tongue

Luckily the grass got shorter.  The area that we first ventured out to had waist high grass that we could barely walk through, never mind see Cookie in!

Cookie 15 Cookie the Tongue

Cookie ran around hunting for critters the whole time we were out.  He was smelling things that had probably left hours before, but that didn’t stop him from trying to follow their trail.

Cookie 8 Cookie the Tongue

He did manage to find something that died and was apparently quiet delightful. My dogs love to roll in stinky things and I have to say, I have never gotten a “rolling in yuck” picture that I love quite as much as this one – despite many, many opportunities.  This is a picture of pure delight!  I just love that one leg straight up in the air.

Cookie 27 Cookie the Tongue

Cookie even pursued his prey into the water.  (In this case, it was rocks that his mom Jaime and I tossed in.)  But we knew he’d be handsome sporting the wet look and we couldn’t resist seeing how many times he would follow a rock into the water.  We’re mean.  I know.  ;)

Cookie 44 Cookie the Tongue

Cookie 45 Cookie the Tongue

Thanks Jamie and Cookie for a thoroughly enjoyable walk last night.  I hope you enjoy your images!

Cookie 26 Cookie the Tongue

Earth Dogs

June 20, 2011

Earth Dog 15 Earth Dogs

This weekend I headed up to the Okotoks area to watch and photograph a CKC Earth Dog Event. I had never seen one before and it was a lot of fun and super interesting.

Earth Dog 19 Earth Dogs

The event is open to terriers and dachshunds able to navigate 9″ tunnels.  Wooden tunnels are buried underground and the dogs need to find the opening and follow the tunnel to the prey (called the quarry).  Everywhere but Alberta they use rats for the prey, however here we use gerbils because of our “Rat Free Status”.

Earth Dog 17 Earth Dogs

Once the dog finds the prey, they have to indicate interest – either by barking, scratching, digging, staring, etc.  Depending on the level of the course, they need to sustain this interest for 30-90 seconds.

Earth Dog 7 Earth Dogs

Once the dogs are underground, there is nothing to see.  But lots to hear.  The activity at the end is quite amusing to listen to.  Nora, the Scottie had the lowest, most gutteral bark and it brought smiles to everyone who heard her.  It was her first event and she did great!

Earth Dog 10 Earth Dogs

As with most dog sports, there were different degrees of difficulty.  There were courses that ranged from a 10 ft tunnel with one 90 degree corner (this was the basic instinct test) to tunnel systems with multiple entrances, multiple corners, underground obstacles and two quarry locations.

Earth Dog 5 Earth Dogs

At the Masters level, the dogs were tested in pairs.  They had to show hunting instinct and cooperation in a field before being brought to the tunnels for testing.

Earth Dog 4 Earth Dogs

It is the type of event that you can practice in terms of getting your dog used to going underground and navigating the tunnels, but for the most part, it is based 100% on the instinct of the dog. Even “pretty white show dogs” get into the spirit!

Earth Dog 2 Earth Dogs

They are hosting another event in September.  If anyone is interested in watching or participating, let me know and I’ll get you the contact information you need!  If you want to see more pictures, feel free to check out the main gallery.

Agility Pictures

June 2, 2011

I photographed my first agility trial of the “outdoor” season this past weekend.  It was hosted by the Flashing Canines in Redcliff.  It is such a fun trial – every spare moment there are trivia games and activities to participate in to win fun prizes.  Everyone is friendly and relaxed and it is impossible not to have a good time, even when it is pouring down rain.  There was a huge contingent from Lethbridge and quite a few familiar faces which made it even more fun for me.  I missed out on the big group dinner on Saturday as I was downloading photos but it was either that, or go to bed way too late and I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to sleep.  Anyway, here are a few photos from the weekend.  If you want to see them all (warning there is a LOT of them) you can see them here.

MedHat Saturday 90 Agility Pictures

MedHat Saturday 376 Agility Pictures

MedHat Saturday 567 Agility Pictures

MedHat Saturday 673 Agility Pictures

MedHat Sunday 255 Agility Pictures

MedHat Sunday 725 Agility Pictures

Can you believe that I was lucky enough to get to photograph not one, but 5 puppies in one week?!

Puppies 34 Weimaraner Mayhem

Today I met up with 4 of the cutest little Weimaraner litter from Koping Weimaraners.  They are just 9 weeks old. It was utter madness the whole time I was photographing them. But it was oh so fun.

Puppies 29 Weimaraner Mayhem

I think these were the most confident pups I have ever met.  We took the pictures in a backyard the pups had never been in and from the moment they were set down, they were off exploring and playing.  There was no hint of shyness or caution in any of them.

Puppies 35 Weimaraner Mayhem

It was hard to figure out what action to follow and which puppy was doing the cutest thing at that particular time – there was cuteness happening everywhere!

Puppies 32 Weimaraner Mayhem

But my favourite times were when they played together.

Puppies 26 Weimaraner Mayhem

The Flat Quack from West Paw Design was a huge hit!  I think I have this photo below of every pup doing the same thing!

Puppies 15 Weimaraner Mayhem

They didn’t stop moving for over an hour and they also didn’t stop getting into mischief…   They chewed on trees, grabbed hunks of dirt and just generally found things they weren’t supposed to.  I’m not sure how anyone gets anything done when they are raising a litter of pups.  There were four of us out there and they were still getting into things!

Puppies 16 Weimaraner Mayhem

Thanks Julia for introducing me to your beautiful pups before they go off to their new families!

Puppies 31 Weimaraner Mayhem

Parti Time

May 3, 2011

There is a new girl in town!   And she is just oozing cuteness and fun.

Paisley 4 Parti Time

Paisley is a parti-poodle.   If you are like me, you probably didn’t know poodles came in multi-colours, but they do!  As she ages, Paisley will get more and more freckles and if you can believe it, get even cuter.

Paisley Parti Time

As it was raining today when I visited we only spent about 10 minutes outside but as you can see, for this charmer, it was enough.

Paisley 13 Parti Time

She didn’t mind the rain at all and was pretty content to pose for the camera.

Paisley 15 Parti Time

I had a “rain jacket” on my camera and I think the string that keeps the bag tight around the lens dropped in front of the lens when I took this.  It has a sweet hazy, old fashion feel to it and I made it black and white to help the effect along.  I love it!  Wish I could say I did it on purpose!

Paisley 8 Parti Time

I can’t wait to see this little girl grow up.  I hope she’ll be gracing the daycare when she is old enough.  :)