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March 14, 2011

Every year the Lethbridge Photography Club hosts an event called Photofusion.  Their members put together slideshows ranging in topics from Vietnam to Las Vegas to Cattle Drives to Cookies.  The shows are on everything and anything.  This is my first year as a member of the club and I decided to submit a slideshow.  Due to some technical difficulties, this is not the exact show I submitted but the images are all the same it is just the layout that is different.  Enjoy!

Come Play With Me from Wendy Devent on Vimeo.

15 Minutes or Less

January 16, 2011
Lily 1 15 Minutes or Less

I’ve had to cancel a few photo sessions these past few weeks due to the weather.  Heavy snowfall and cold weather does not make for a fun photo session – for the dogs or the people!

Lily 3 15 Minutes or Less

I had the pleasure of fostering Lily with Windy City Canine Rescue this weekend and I couldn’t resist putting my free model to work on our short walks.

Lily 5 15 Minutes or Less

It is amazing how many pictures you can get in 15 minutes of a fast moving border collie!

Lily 8 15 Minutes or Less

The only problem is that the longer we were out there, the more frozen she looked.

Lily 10 15 Minutes or Less

I don’t think she noticed though.  She was too busy running and fetching.

Lily 13 15 Minutes or Less

I was the one that couldn’t handle being outside for more than 15 minutes at a time.  I could feel my fingers and toes starting to freeze and I knew it was time to call it quits.

Lily 14 15 Minutes or Less

The only time she didn’t come back when called was when she knew it was time to go.

Lily 18 15 Minutes or Less

She did not want to leave, but I was sure she had to be freezing.  How can you not be with a face full of ice?

Lily 16 15 Minutes or Less
If you think you’d like to adopt this fun loving girl, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue for more information. 

At Long Last

December 23, 2010
Izzy+and+Marlee 1 At Long Last

Desi won a free session that I donated to Windy City Canine Rescue‘s Bark in the Park event back in the summer.  We finally managed to get together for some pictures of the pups a few weeks ago and I’m now finally managing to blog about it!

Izzy+and+Marlee 2 At Long Last

Izzy, the lab, used to come to daycare quite regularly, but I hadn’t seen her in a while.  I’m not sure she recognized me, but it was sure nice to see her again.  She looked great and is just as fun loving as ever.

Izzy+and+Marlee 8 At Long Last

Izzy+and+Marlee 12 At Long Last

Marlee, the chihuahua cross, spent the entire session wowing me with how much spunk chi’s really can have.  This girl, is not a pocket princess!

Izzy+and+Marlee 11 At Long Last

Izzy+and+Marlee 9 At Long Last

We got together shortly after a major snowfall.  The wind had blown most of the snow off the fields but a tractor had to be brought in to clear off their driveway which made for some fun man-made drifts for the dogs to run on.

Izzy+and+Marlee 6 At Long Last

Izzy had fun amusing me by running over and over the hill after her ball.

Izzy+and+Marlee 7 At Long Last

While Marlee spent most of her time enjoying the view from the top.

Izzy+and+Marlee 5 At Long Last

We also had a little man helping us by throwing the ball for the dogs.

Izzy+and+Marlee 3 At Long Last

He also really liked to pose for the camera.  :)

Izzy+and+Marlee 4 At Long Last

Thanks Desi for letting me have fun with the girls (and little man)!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


December 12, 2010

I’m the first to admit that I don’t do a lot of editing to the photos I take.  I definitely prefer the natural look and let’s face it, dogs don’t care if they are a little overweight, or have a double chin or a mole in a funny place. That is who they are and that is what I want to capture.

Practice Editing

But there are times when some editing is needed – mainly to remove things like a leash or something distracting in the background.  If you’ve been putting off a session because your dog isn’t reliable off leash, don’t worry about it!  We can either do the session in an enclosed location, or I can edit out the long line that allows them to run and explore, but at the same time keeps them safe.

Practice+3 Editing

Young At Heart

November 26, 2010
Sammy 16 Young At Heart

It is hard to believe that Sammy is 7 years old.  As a large breed dog (a Mastiff) 7 is considered a senior, but she was all puppy cuteness and antics on the day I met her.

Sammy 15 Young At Heart

She was absolutely smitten with the toys I brought her.

Sammy 3 Young At Heart

The Cuz can work magic on almost any dog.  In fact one of my dogs loves cuz toys so much I literally need to hide them in the pantry so that she will stop playing with it.  So whenever someone mentions their dog only kind of likes toys, I definitely bring the cuz along to work it’s magic.

Sammy 11 Young At Heart

I also like to bring a tug toy and Sammy LOVED the pink flamingo.

Sammy 10 Young At Heart

Sammy 4 Young At Heart

She didn’t want to put it down and whenever we took it away she just ran around looking for it.

Sammy 9 Young At Heart

We tried to get some family photos too, but the toys were kind of distracting!

Sammy 17 Young At Heart

Sammy 19 Young At Heart

Thanks Sammy for making me giggle and impressing me with your youthful exuberance!

Sammy 18 Young At Heart

PS – As you can tell by the weather, I took these photos a few weeks ago.  That beautiful green grass is no more!  I’m just a little behind on the blogging!


November 21, 2010

Last but not the least of Bobbi’s clan is Jessi.

Jessi 1 Jessi

She was definitely the shyest of the bunch and kept her distance for most of the time I was there.

Jessi 2 Jessi

Bobbi describes her as “The Cowardly Lion” and I understand why.  You can tell she wants to come close, but isn’t too sure if it will be safe.  But of course, cookies helped ease her fears.

Jessi 3 Jessi

Jessi originally was from a dog hoarder and had very little contact with people other than the woman who owned her.  She used to try and bite everyone that came near her.  I’m so glad she is over that habit!  She really is a sweet little girl.

Jessi 4 Jessi

She has come such a long way since Bobbi got her about a year and a half ago.  I can’t wait to see how confident she is the next time I meet her.

Jessi 5 Jessi


November 20, 2010
Bailey 6 Baylee

I bet you thought Bobbi’s dogs couldn’t possibly get any cuter than you’ve already seen.

Bailey 1 Baylee

If that is what you thought, then you thought wrong.

Bailey 4 Baylee

Baylee had a few cute tricks up her sleeve to get me to part with my cookies as well.

First there is the wild, pleading look.

Bailey 2 Baylee

Then there was the cute little pawing technique (again with the tongue to show how yummy she thought the cookies were).

Bailey 3 Baylee

Then there was the “I’m dying of starvation over here – please feed me!” trick.

Bailey 5 Baylee

I think I’ve said this before…  How are all of Bobbi’s dogs not fat?!  I couldn’t feed them all treats fast enough.

Bailey 8 Baylee

Baylee, you really are a cute little thing!

Bailey 7 Baylee


November 19, 2010
Alfie 5 Alfie

So continuing on with Bobbi’s clan, this little firecracker is Alfie.

Alfie 2 Alfie

Unlike his siblings he didn’t have the begging routine down pat, (maybe he hasn’t been there long enough yet!) and he was a little hesitant to come too close so we figured out another method of treat dispersal.

Alfie 4 Alfie

It seemed to make him happy.

Alfie 6 Alfie

They were told he was a Chihuahua but with those ears, it is hard to believe he isn’t at least part Papillon.

Alfie 1 Alfie

Whatever he is, he is cute, fun and fiesty!

Alfie 3 Alfie

Sad News

November 13, 2010

I found out late yesterday that Sophie passed over the rainbow bridge.  She was a sweet girl who will be missed.

Soph 1 Sad News


November 12, 2010
I’m not sure how old Zoey is but I love her grey salt and pepper fur.
Blog 1 Zoey
Her head looks so soft and “pettable”.
Blog 8 Zoey

She literally spent the entire time slowly following me around looking for cookies.  Hence why she always has her ears up… “For me?”

Blog 7 Zoey

There must be an unwritten rule that you can’t live with Bobbi unless you know how to beg.  Maybe they all practice their begging techniques while Bobbi and Tim are away at work because they all know how to work it.

Blog 6 Zoey
She even searched for crumbs in the ground.  :)
Blog 2 Zoey

As with most of Bobbi’s dogs, Zoey is a rescue.  She found this tiny bundle of cuteness at an animal shelter.  The owners called the shelter 5 days after she went missing and when informed that it would cost $25 to get her back, they decided to just leave her there.

Blog 9 Zoey
Their loss is Bobbi’s gain.  And Zoey’s too I imagine.