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November 11, 2010
Blog 6 Sophie

Sophie wasn’t feeling her best on the day I went to take pictures.

Blog 8 Sophie

She spent a lot of time getting comfort from her mama, just by being near her.

Blog 1 Sophie

And when she wasn’t right at her side, she was staring up at her with love in her eyes.

Blog 7 Sophie

But, through and through she is still a golden.  And that means food can at least provide a distraction.

Blog 9 Sophie

But the moment the food was gone, she was back with her mom.

Blog 4 Sophie

Thanks for at least occasionally humouring me and the camera Sophie!
Blog 5 Sophie

The Sweetest Smile

November 10, 2010
Roxy 5 The Sweetest Smile

Roxy is probably one of the tiniest Chihuahua’s you’ll ever meet.  She could easily perch in your hand and Bobbi said when she got her, she was able to easily curl up in the palm of her hand.  She can’t weigh any more than a pound or two.

Roxy 13 The Sweetest Smile

She’s been taking lessons from her brother Casey on begging but she doesn’t quite have his same finesse.

Roxy 4 The Sweetest Smile

But none-the-less, she has her ways of melting your heart and passing over the goods.

Roxy 6 The Sweetest Smile

She definitely had the starving look down pat too.

Roxy 8 The Sweetest Smile

But she wasn’t all about the food.  Well she was mainly about the food, but I did manage to catch her in action too.

Roxy 1 The Sweetest Smile

You gotta love that cute little tongue.  She doesn’t have a lot of teeth so it sneaks out a little more than usual.  But the lack of teeth gives her the sweetest smile.

Roxy 9 The Sweetest Smile


November 9, 2010
Casey 5 Casey

As I mentioned in my last post, it was impossible to pick a favourite so I’m not sure where to start with the blog posts, but Casey definitely made me laugh the most when I was looking through the photos.

Casey 7 Casey

Most of the pictures of him are of him convincing me to hand over the cookies.

First there were cute looks. “Hi there nice lady.  Wanna give me a cookie?”

Casey 6 Casey

Then there was the “Can’t you see I’m starving over here?”

Casey 2 Casey

Then there was full out begging.  “Please, please pick me over all my other brothers and sisters!”

Casey 4 Casey

Then he got more serious and started giving me the evil eye.  “Seriously lady, hand over the cookies or I’m going to take more drastic measures.”

Casey 3 Casey

Then he took it back a notch and tried the baby seal approach.  LOL

Casey 1 Casey

All his tactics worked of course because he was impossible to resist. Just look at this face!!!!

Casey 10 Casey

You’re the Cutest

November 8, 2010

About 8 months ago I went over to a friend’s house and discovered that she had purchased hooks to hang her dog leashes and stuff on that had cute little frames over top.  I’m not sure how long she’d had them up for, but they still had the pictures in that they came with!  Um, hello!  Girl with a camera over here.

So today, I finally made it out to photograph her crew.  Well part of her crew.  I only managed to get pictures of her 7 dogs.  I didn’t even glance at her cats, and even her newborn baby Noah didn’t get more than a quick hello.  I was too busy watching the doggie chaos around me.  In 50 minutes, I managed to fill up 3 of my camera cards.

I think they are going to get more than one blog post but I thought I’d at least introduce them all…

First up is Sophie.  Sophie is a sweet golden who unfortunately hasn’t been feeling the best these last few weeks.  In fact she gave everyone quite a scare last week and she still has her bad days, but she is still having some good ones too.

aSophie 3 You’re the Cutest

Baylee had me at hello.  I just love her scruffy wildness!  Baylee had been left behind at an “Odd and Unusual” Auction and Bobbi couldn’t just walk away from her.

aSophie 5 You’re the Cutest

Roxy is the tiniest chihuahua ever!  And she had the goofiest expressions.  I could have photographed her all day.

aSophie 2 You’re the Cutest

Alfie is the most recent arrival and while he isn’t technically Bobbi’s, he seems to have adopted her.  I’m not sure what his mix is, but he was fun and feisty and reminded me quite a bit of a border collie at times, although he is not nearly as big as one.

aSophie 1 You’re the Cutest

Casey spent most of the time off exploring and looking for poo to roll in but near the end he discovered I had food… and was doing everything in his power to convince me to give it to him. He even resorted to begging and pleading.

aSophie 7 You’re the Cutest

Zoey realized immediately that I had food and she followed me around giving me the sweetest expressions that I couldn’t resist.  I’m sure she gained 2 pounds in the time I was there.

aSophie 4 You’re the Cutest

And last, but not least was Jessi.  She had just been groomed the day before and was still a little miffed at the situation.  It took her the longest to decide I was trust worthy, but she too was eventually won over by cookies.

aSophie 6 You’re the Cutest

Every time I looked down there was a cute dog at my feet so I told them “I think you are the cutest”.  In the end, I must have told them all that.  They were all so different, yet all so cute!  No wonder Bobbi ended up with 7 dogs.

Billy Boy

October 24, 2010
Billy is with the Windy City Canine Rescue.  He came from horrible circumstances but despite all that, he is such a sweetheart.
Billy 2 Billy Boy


October 16, 2010

If you’ve ever been to the Paws on the Run Daycare, odds are, you’ll have met Chewy.

Chewy 4 Chewy

Often you’ll find her sleeping in her box on top of the filing cabinet but other times she’ll do her best to climb aboard yours shoulders. The first time she does it to someone, the expression on their face is priceless – they are always so shocked and she makes them feel very special.

Card Chewy

The dogs love her – Ben cries every afternoon on his way out the door because he is so anxious to spot her, Rudy often gets kisses (with both paws on either side of his head), and Milo usually gets love bites on his forehead.  She is obviously quite gentle as they keep coming back for more.

Chewy 5 Chewy

The clients love her too – Cooper’s mom brings her treats, Charlee’s mom brings her toys and Jackie’s kids come running in just to see her.  We often come to the front to see Chewy lapping up the love from various clients.

Play Chewy

I’m astonished by the number of kids (and adults) that peer through the window looking for her.  She is obviously a neighborhood favourite and often goes to the window to say hello to her fans.

Chewy 3 Chewy

Even though it is a dog daycare, the place just wouldn’t be the same without her!


October 6, 2010
Barkley Surprise!

Barkley’s mom Lorie mentioned in June or July that she’d like to get Barkley photographed as a surprise for her husband Andre. We chatted a bit and just left things as “one day soon”.  Then a month or so later, Andre came in and mentioned he’d like to book a session for Barkley.  Yikes!  So Lorie and I decided we needed to move forward and as if on cue, Andre went away on business.  This was our chance.

Barkley 2 Surprise!

So a few weeks ago, I met the handsome Barkley and Lorie down in Peenaquim Park for a session.  The light was gorgeous and the grasses had ripened to the same colour of Barkley’s fur.  It was perfect timing.

Barkley 3 Surprise!

Barkley loves to fetch.  Well actually, he loves to run around with something in his mouth.  And if you deprive him of his toy, he makes due with whatever he can find, namely giant rocks.

Barkley 8 Surprise!

The only time he had a serious look on his face was when you were holding his toy. I think he was concerned for it’s safety and whether or not he’d get it back.

Barkley 5 Surprise!

When you gave it back to him, he got all goofy and relaxed again.

Barkley 4 Surprise!

He never wanted to let go of the toy (or rock for that matter) and he was starting to learn all my tricks of getting back the ball.

Barkley 9 Surprise!

Thankfully, he didn’t seem to need us to throw it to have a good time, so we generally just let him have it.

Barkley 7 Surprise!

He occasionally stopped running to strike a pose, and when he did, he did it well.

Barkley 6 Surprise!

Thanks Barkley and Lorie for a great time. Andre I hope you enjoy your gift!

Barkley 10 Surprise!

River Season

September 16, 2010

I LOVE taking pictures down by the river.

River River Season

The rocks, the splashes of water, the fur well defined by wetness….

River 2 River Season

Too bad “river season” is almost over for the year.  I’m going to miss it.

River 3 River Season

Agility Weekend

September 1, 2010

I had the pleasure of photographing the Go Dog Go agility trial this past weekend.  If I didn’t have to edit 1,000′s of photos every time, I could photograph agility every day.  I LOVE watching the dogs run.  They are so graceful, athletic and smart!  You can see how much the team bond grows between dog and owner after they’ve done agility together for a few years. It looks like the experienced dogs almost read their handlers’ minds and are able to turn on a dime with the merest flick of the hand.

Wicca 1 Agility Weekend

Saturday was a beautiful day for agility – sunny but not too warm.  It was perfect.  Sunday, not so much.  Sunday it rained ALL day.  But I was dressed for it.  I borrowed my husband’s fishing rain gear, wore long underwear and a wool sweater underneath it and I managed to stayed toasty and dry all day despite the fact that I did nothing but sit on the ground for hours on end.  I wasn’t a fashion statement (at least not a good one!) but at least I wasn’t shivering.

Claire Agility Weekend

I tried to pick out a few favourite photos of the weekend for the blog and failed miserably – there are just too many.  So instead I put some into a slideshow that you can see here.  I randomly chose pictures from throughout the two days.  If you want to see more, you can always visit the gallery to see all the pictures from the weekend.

Before every photo session, I ask clients to fill out a short questionnaire that gives me a little information about your dogs, what you are looking for in your images, what kind of toys and treats they like, etc.  In this case, it was hardly a short questionnaire as Christine has 4 dogs!  Four wild, crazy, fun loving dogs.  I was in heaven.

We’ll start with Summer who is the oldest.  Christine asked if I could get some pictures of her having a  good time and probably a few shots with a ball.

Good time… Check!  She has the most irresistible smile!

Kitty+et+al 3 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Ball picture… well, this is her running after a ball… Sort of Check?!

Kitty+et+al 7 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Picture with the ball… errr…. ahhh…  I looked through the gallery I put together and discovered that I have every other dog with a toy in their mouth but not Summer.  How did that happen?  Most of her pictures were of her chasing to get it and not of her actually holding it!  Oops!  I went back through the original photos and will be adding these to your gallery Christine.  Sorry about that.

Kitty+et+al 21 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Kitty+et+al 23 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Next there is Kitty.  She’s a Catahoula cross.  Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?

Kitty+et+al 8 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Christine wanted some pictures of her goofy playful nature, some of her moving fast and some wrestling shots.

Moving fast… Check!

Kitty+et+al 6 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Playful Nature… Check!

Kitty+et+al 24 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Wrestling pictures… FAIL!

Unfortunately we weren’t blessed with a wrestling match on our walk. The dogs were too busy running, playing with toys and eating mushrooms to wrestle. I think we were both disappointed with this but there was nothing we could do.

Next up is Willow,  a beautiful, young flat coated retriever that came from Blazingstar right here is southern Alberta.  (Liz and Andy are both amazing photographers and they happen to have a litter of puppies at the moment so if you want to get your puppy fix, be sure to click on the link above!  You can also find pictures of Willow as a puppy too.)

Kitty+et+al 9 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Christine wanted some pictures of her bubbly personality and mostly of her having fun.

Fun… Check!

Kitty+et+al 2 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Bubbly…. Check!

Kitty+et+al 25 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

And last, but definitely not least we come to River.  He is the newest and youngest addition to her clan and like Kitty is a Catahoula cross.  He is shy with new people, but I was instantly smitten.  Not only is he stunning but he is also polite and playful – a great combination.

Kitty+et+al 4 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Christine was looking for some pictures of his unique eys, his tooth grin and his wild ears.  The wild ears were no problem at all.  I don’t think they look the same in any two pictures!

Ears… Check!

Kitty+et+al 1 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Eyes… Check!  Ears again… Check! Check!

Kitty+et+al 11 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Goofy Grin….  Check!  Ears again… Check! Check! Check!

Kitty+et+al 26 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Have you noticed anything in common with the dogs?  Check out their gorgeous bling.  They are all wearing absolutely stunning collars.  You are all jealous right?  Well, you are in luck.  I know where she got them from.  She makes them!  Christine has a thriving business called Nearly Naked Neckwear and she has a tonne of gorgeous collars.  You can even order them on-line.  But you better grab a cup of coffee first as you’ll be there for a while drooling over all the gorgeous options.

Kitty+et+al 5 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Thanks so much for the walk, the laughter and for introducing me to your clan Christine!  I’m not sure how you do it all – full time job, successful business owner AND you’ve managed to raise 4 amazing dogs that were an absolute joy to be around.  I hope I managed to capture even a hint of their personalities and their love for you, and each other.

Kitty+et+al 12 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River