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I Escaped

March 11, 2010
Without this dude in my pocket.  
Puppy I Escaped

It was close though!
More pictures from the shelter to come soon.

Fun at the Shelter

March 6, 2010
Every time I go to the animal shelter, strong emotions emerge and today was no different except today started with pure delight.  I LOVE Tonka.
tonka+1 Fun at the Shelter

He was such a riot.  He would fetch the ball, bring it back but then lie down and tuck the ball under his chin.  When you reached for the ball he would use his head to block your hand.  It was all part of the game and you really had to dig to get the ball back.

Tonka+2 Fun at the Shelter
And then Guiness, reminded me of Chewy at the daycare. He kept pawing and meowing asking to climb aboard.  If I didn’t already have a cat, I think this one would have been coming home with me.  He had a great personality.  And don’t you love those wild eyebrows?
Climbing+Cat Fun at the Shelter

Cleopatra (below) made me a little sad. She was very scared and just wanted to be comforted.  I was on the floor taking pictures and she would crawl under my legs to find a safe spot and a few times when I was laying down she burrowed under my head and made a little nest in my hair.  She was so sweet and just wanted to be loved.

head Fun at the Shelter

And there is always something about Siamese crosses.  They are just soooo gorgeous.

siamese+cross 1 Fun at the Shelter

Campino definitely has the best name!  He too was a little unsure of his new situation but with a little time and patience, he would make a very sweet companion.

Campino Fun at the Shelter

As always, this is just a taste of the pets at the shelter.  Go visit, fall in love, and bring a new friend home.

Warning:  Do NOT go to the animal shelter if you have puppy fever.  These guys were dropped off 5 minutes before I arrived.  SO CUTE!!!
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 24 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 30 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 35 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 38 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 43 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
Can you tell who the super model was?  Talk about a mischief maker!
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 49 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 40 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And to top it off, Lily’s puppies are still there too, but I believe they have all been spoken for….
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 2 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
Check out the guy on the right using his sibling’s foot as a soother!
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 6 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And if that wasn’t enough to push you over the edge, check out this gorgeous Basset Hound.
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 20 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And this handsome mastiff cross was very sweet.
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 10 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And I think this little girl is available.  She was hanging out with the puppies and I don’t know what her story is.
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 7 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
So if you are in the mood to come home with a new little bundle, there are lots available at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter!  There are still lots of cats too which I wasn’t able to photograph today because all the available rooms were filled with pups.  

Bigger Sausages

February 13, 2010
I went back to the shelter again today. I couldn’t resist a peek at the little sausages.  You can see “Jersey” a little better this time.  Is it bad, that I’ve named a puppy?  Lily the mom is a beagle cross and they think that daddy was probably a rottweiler due to the black and tan pups.

shelter 4 Bigger Sausages
This girl (whose name I can’t remember) was so fun to hang out with.  She played fetched with a tennis ball, ate many treats and smiled lots for the camera.
shelter Bigger Sausages
Sage was so sweet and so sad.  She was an owner surrender and her heart seemed to be broken.  She would very gently take treats and then retreat with a beaten look.  I had a hard time getting her ears to come up but even then you could see the sadness in her eyes.  Poor girl.  I wanted to take her home.
shelter 2 Bigger Sausages
Hardi was being surrendered just as I arrived.  :(  She had just recently been adopted from the shelter too.  I don’t know what happened, but she seems like a fun loving girl to me.
shelter 3 Bigger Sausages
This is either Whiskers or Tuffy!  They are both grey with yellow eyes and I could barely tell them apart in person, never mind from their photos. I need to figure out a system where I can better identify them once I get home.  :)
shelter 5 Bigger Sausages
Kaleah was so much fun to photograph. She has really striking features and was a total ham for the camera.
shelter 6 Bigger Sausages
shelter 7 Bigger Sausages
Angie is probably mirroring the look I was giving her.  :)  She would NOT sit still and pose nicely for me.  I’m not sure if it is just me, but I swear the black cats, which are the hardest to photograph in the first place, are the worst at sitting still and giving eye contact.  I like to going to the shelter on a Saturday because then I have all the time in the world and can wait a little more patiently for them to finally strike a pose.
shelter 8 Bigger Sausages
And this little girl was also just dropped off while I was there. She was found wandering the streets. She was so sweet.  She just melted at my feet every time I came near her. All she wanted to do was please me.
shelter 9 Bigger Sausages
shelter 10 Bigger Sausages

If you or anyone you know is looking for a pet, please consider checking out the Lethbridge Animal Shelter.  There are always tonnes of great dogs and cats there.

Shelter Pictures

February 9, 2010

Life seems to have gotten in the way of volunteering these past few weeks.  I had an hour yesterday so I decided to pop into the shelter to see what was new.  Boy was I surprised!

Do you remember Lily? She has been at the shelter now for 2 months.  Poor girl.  And she must have gotten pregnant just days before being picked up as she is now the proud mama of 7 little bundles of cuteness!  I can’t wait to see these little guys grow up.  There is a little jersey cow one tucked up right next to her that I instantly fell in love with.

Blog 2 Shelter Pictures

And this is Chuck.  A friend sent me a link back in December saying that the shelter had a “lancashire heeler” (which is what Lacey looks like, but isn’t).  He definitely isn’t a lancashire, but he is awfully cute.  I’m not sure why he is back at the shelter as he seemed friendly, laid back and playful to me.  He has the most unique colouring I think I’ve ever seen.

Blog Shelter Pictures

Doesn’t this guy have the most handsome face?  He was pretty new to the shelter and was a little unsure of me and especially the camera, but he gave the cutest little head tilts when I squeaked a toy.

Blog 3 Shelter Pictures

I am way behind on all the cats.  This little cutie is Mini.  She truly is tiny.

Blog 4 Shelter Pictures

And I think this last guy here is Cooper. Handsome eh?

Blog 5 Shelter Pictures

As always, if you or anyone you know is looking for a new pet, there are lots waiting for homes at the shelter!

Shelter Pictures

January 9, 2010

Are you ready for more cuteness? All of these guys are currently at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter.

This is Lily. A beagle cross after my heart.

Shelter 7 Shelter PicturesOnce she discovered I had treats, she wouldn’t leave my side and started to do everything she could think of to get more. She was very sassy.
Shelter 8 Shelter PicturesIt was love at first sight when I met Aladar. They have him listed as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever but I don’t see any of that in him at all. He has a light build more like a border collie. He would make a wonderful agility dog. He was full of bounces and was ready to go, go, go!
Shelter 6 Shelter Pictures
Shelter 5 Shelter PicturesRaven is a sweet tempered lab cross that just wanted to be petted and scratched.

Shelter 9 Shelter Pictures
I think Lilly is the most beautiful looking cat I’ve ever seen. I almost smuggled her out in my coat, just so I could take her home and take more pictures. icon smile Shelter Pictures
Shelter 3 Shelter Pictures
This is Iris… She was more playful and rambunctious than her sister Lilly but just as beautiful.

Shelter 2 Shelter PicturesCoca hasn’t quite settled in yet, but she was quick to ask for chin rubs once she decided you were a friend.
Shelter Shelter PicturesI loved little Arwhin. His big yellow eyes just make you want to make all his worries go away.
Shelter 10 Shelter Pictures

This is Tux. He was always on the move… swatting at toys, exploring the room and running over for a quick scratch behind the ear.
Shelter 14 Shelter PicturesMay I introduce Fluffy. He is a tank! If you are looking for a docile cat that just wants to lay around and keep your lap warm, he is the cat for you! Hmmm. I just noticed he isn’t on Petfinder anymore. That is probably good news!
Shelter 13 Shelter PicturesIf I had to use one word to describe She-Ra it would be busy. Busy, busy, busy. Hence the blurry photo – she didn’t sit still for more than a second! She was the exact opposite of Fluffy.
Shelter 11 Shelter PicturesAnd last, but not least is Athena. She was a little unsure but just melted into your hand when you rubbed her head.
Shelter 12 Shelter Pictures


January 8, 2010

This gorgeous girl is at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter along with her equally stunning sister. More pics to come tomorrow.

Stunning Stunning


January 3, 2010

The Lethbridge Animal Shelter is FINALLY on Petfinder. I found out right before Christmas and called to find out if they would be interested in me taking some photos of the pets for them. I’m going to try and get there about once a week.

Yesterday was my first day and I had a lot of fun. The dogs were all very sweet and most were just happy to be outside sniffing and playing with toys. Personally, I was freezing. I took tonnes of photos of the first dog, realized that I couldn’t spend 2 hours straight outside, and started clicking the camera a little faster. icon smile Volunteering I was relieved when the dogs were done and I could come inside to take pictures of the cats.

I think Oliver was just brought in. It sounded like his home might have already been found, but I couldn’t resist taking at least a few pictures! Animal+Shelter 7 VolunteeringI just loved Buddy’s beautiful brown eyes. He was a little shy of both me and the camera but I have a feeling he would warm up quickly if given the chance. Animal+Shelter 6 VolunteeringHowser was so cute. When we came back inside he spotted a leash on the floor, scooped it up and stood at the door waiting for his walk. He has definitely been loved by someone! Animal+Shelter 5 VolunteeringBuster was quite sweet and pretty timid. But not too timid to take a treat. Animal+Shelter 4 VolunteeringHerbert was my favourite. He kept play bowing to me and just wanted to be scratched under his chin. Animal+Shelter 3 VolunteeringYig was a handful. But a fun handful. icon smile Volunteering Animal+Shelter 2 VolunteeringBocis was a total softy who was so fun to watch play. He would run and fetch the ball and then run around with it. Then it would fall from his mouth and he would joyfully chase after it again. Animal+Shelter VolunteeringI think Dief was my favourite to photograph. There was just something about him. And don’t you just love that little pink nose? Animal+Shelter 15 VolunteeringNot sure what this fellow’s name is but trust me, he was friendly than he looks. He was just giving me the tough guy look, he doesn’t really mean it. Animal+Shelter 14 VolunteeringAlley definitely knew how to strike a regal pose. Animal+Shelter 13 VolunteeringStraya had me at hello. He was simply gorgeous and had the personality to match. Animal+Shelter 12 VolunteeringKoda definitely had a knack for modeling. He would not only look directly at the camera, but he would hold the pose long enough for me to take the picture. Good kitty! Animal+Shelter 11 VolunteeringKalidiskope, or Owl, (as I tended to think of him) was really quite sweet. He wasn’t too happy that I moved him into another room and pointed a camera at him though. He had beautiful markings and gorgeous big round eyes. Animal+Shelter 10 VolunteeringOreo has been at the shelter for a few months. I’m not sure how so many people could have resisted these beautiful green eyes. Animal+Shelter 9 VolunteeringI think Goulla must mean “cute” in some foreign language. She was the first cat I brought out and a struggled to get any pictures because all she wanted to do was snuggle on my lap. Animal+Shelter 8 VolunteeringI think it is funny that the pictures the shelter has of Charlie are pretty much the same ones I took. He was resting in his litter box (everyone except Charlie and Trevor (below) were trying desperately to visit with me) so I decided to let him have his rest. I have a feeling he isn’t a very high maintenance kind of guy. Animal+Shelter 17 VolunteeringTrevor was also resting comfortably in his kennel and I didn’t want to disturb him. It doesn’t look like I succeeded. icon wink Volunteering Animal+Shelter 16 Volunteering

Well that is all of them. I only missed one cat, but he already had a home waiting for him. So if you, or anyone you know are looking for another pet, the Lethbridge Animal Shelter has some sweet dogs and cats that would love to call your house their home.


August 20, 2009
Freddie is looking for a home has found a home!
He is confident.
IMG 1947 Homeless
He is friendly.
IMG 1931 Homeless
He loves to purr.
IMG 1884 Homeless
He loves to play.
IMG 1951 Homeless
And he is cute as the Dickens.
IMG 1985 Homeless
What more could you want?
If you, or anyone you know, would like an irresistible, 6-week old, fluffy kitten, please contact us at

IMG 1970 Homeless

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