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What makes you different from the other daycares in town? We have the most experienced staff, the dogs can play inside or out depending on their preferences (they have access to the indoor and outdoor play areas through a dog door)and we have smaller playgroups (around 5-8 dogs each).  The smaller playgroups allow us to maximize their enjoyment and minimize their stress.    

What do the dogs do all day? For most of the day, they play with each other. We also will play games of fetch with dogs that are interested and cuddle on the floor with all the lap dogs – big and small! We rotate the dogs in and out of the play rooms and the rest area and the dogs are usually pretty happy and tired by the end of the day.

How will the dogs be supervised at the daycare? The daycare has been set up to provide optimum supervision. We have two people scheduled at all times and a staff member will be at the daycare at all times.  Supervising the dogs and keeping them safe is our main priority.  If we don’t answer the phone during regular hours it is probably because we are busy with the dogs or a client so please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do dogs get injured at the daycare? Dog injuries are inevitable. Dogs use their teeth like we use our hands; they grab each other by the neck and nibble, and play (quite rough sometimes) with one another. Nicks, scrapes and the occasional puncture wounds are going to happen. The Paws on the Run team is trained to break up fights before they happen using different types of distractions (water, loud noises, separation, etc.) We think the benefits of dog daycare far exceed the very limited risks, and that’s why we love what we do. We implore all new clients to “know thy dog” and help us anticipate and avoid problem dogs and problem behaviours.  Our smaller playgroups also help minimize the risk of injuries and incidents.

Do I need to call and reserve a spot for my dog? Yes! We do require that you reserve a spot for your dog at the daycare as we are often full.  If you show up unexpectedly and we have space, your dog is welcome to join us, however if we don’t have space, we will have to turn away your dog.  We hate seeing the sad look on your dog’s face as they realize they don’t get to stay, so please call in advance.

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Is there anything I should bring? Nope!  We just request that all dogs come in on a leash (or in a crate).  It doesn’t matter what kind of collar they are wearing as we will put a “Play Safe Collar” on them.  If they usually eat lunch and you’d like to bring a meal for them, we are more than happy to feed them.

What can I expect on my dog’s first visit? We will introduce your dog to a few dogs at a time. Once they are comfortable with those dogs, we’ll introduce them to some different ones. We’ll keep repeating this process until we have found a playgroup suitable for them. How quickly they adjust to the daycare will depend on a couple of things but personality and prior dog socialization will be the biggest factors. Some dogs take a few minutes to be completely comfortable and others take a few visits. What we can guarantee, is that your dog is going to be tired after their first few visits. This is very normal.

What kind of vaccinations does my dog need? The health and safety of all the dogs at the daycare is our number one priority. Your dog will require the following vaccinations: Parvovirus (is included in DHPP vaccination), Rabies and Bordatella (commonly known as Kennel Cough). We will also accept titres as proof of immunity levels.  We also highly recommend your dog be on a flea and tick regime.  Please talk to your veterinarian to find the options that work best for you.

Will you provide food and water? If your dog is used to eating lunch, please bring their meal and we will provide it to them mid-way through the day. We find that dogs that typically graze (i.e. have free access to food at home) don’t tend to eat a lot at daycare but we are happy to offer it to them. The dogs will have access to water while they are playing but some dogs are still really thirsty when they get home. Some simply prefer their own water bowl.

Does my dog need to be neutered or spayed to come to daycare? No. However, dogs in heat will not be allowed and dogs that repeatedly mount other dogs may also be asked to leave (whether they are neutered or not!).

How many dogs are usually in the playgroups?  We break the dogs into smaller groups  consisting of 5-8 friends and alternate their play sessions with rest time.  Each group is customized so that each dog can maximize their fun.  We can make sure their playmates have similar play styles, energy levels and enjoy each other’s company.

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