Additional Services

There are a couple of “add ons” that you can also purchase for while your dog is at daycare with us.  Details are below.  You can sign up for these services when you make your reservation through our “Customer Portal” or you can just give us a call we’ll add it to your existing reservations for you. We recommend at least 48 hours advance notice that you want an additional service so that we can make sure to have appropriate staffing levels. You can make a last minute request, however we may not be able to accommodate you. At this time, we won’t be able to provide these services when any staff member is away for holidays or off sick.  We are not hiring any additional staff at the moment to provide these services (we are just adding on a few hours to existing staff members’ schedules) so it is possible we may need to cancel the additional services at the last minute due to illness.  However, we should have holidays blocked off well in advance so as to not cause many issues. (If we find we are providing lots of additional services and we require another staff member in the future, we’ll be sure to hire additional help!)

We can accommodate a limited number of private sessions each day so if you are unable to book a session for a specific day, that will either be because the spots are filled or because that service isn’t being offered on that particular day.  Each session will be approximately 15 minutes long, however the training sessions might be broken into multiple smaller segments throughout the day.

The additional services are as follows:

Individual Private Walk - Do you think your dog will enjoy a short 15 minute walk around the neighbourhood? We’d be happy to take them out for a quick stroll. We can either take it slow and leisurely and let them sniff to their heart’s content or we can work on some basic leash manners. Just let us know what you’d prefer when you book it! - Cost is $10


Basic Training - Get your dog a quick refresher on some basics – sit, down, stand, come, stay, basic name recognition, and “go to your bed”. We’ll be using treats, toys and praise to train and reinforce these behaviours. This is not for behavioural issues like barking, jumping or mouthing. (If your dog has allergies, you may need to provide us with appropriate treats) - Cost is $10


Trick Training - Want your dog to learn a trick but don’t have the time, or know how to train it?  Why not put us to work for you.  Let us know what you want your dog to learn and we’ll start teaching it.  Some ideas include – playing dead, shaking a paw, crawling, perching on a small object, spin, and roll over. Depending on the complexity of the trick and your dog’s past training experience, these will probably require multiple sessions.  We will send you a video at the end of each session and let you know what we worked on and how far we progressed that day. (If your dog has allergies, you may need to provide us with appropriate treats) - Cost is $10


Basic Brushing - Is it the time of year when your dog seems to be CONSTANTLY shedding?  Book him/her in for a 15 minute brush/comb so we can help get a lot of that fur out for you!   (This is not a suitable service for dogs with matted fur – you should book an appointment with your favourite local groomer for that.)  Cost is $10


Studio Photo - Every month we’ll be doing a different themed studio “portrait”. You’ll receive a high resolution digital image – usually by the next day. Next month’s theme will be emailed at the end of the month so you can decide whether or not you want to sign up for one in the coming months. This month’s theme is “Profile”. - Cost is $15

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