Basic Info

Please note: We the daycare is permanently closing on August 16, 2019.

We are located at 242 12 St. N in Lethbridge, AB.  We have more than 4,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play area.  The dogs are separated into groups based on their size and temperament. We’ll customize and supervise your dog’s playtime and their playmates, to make sure every dog has fun and most importantly stays safe!  Throughout the day, we have rotating play times and rest times so we are able to create small customized playgroups (5-8 dogs) so that every dog’s fun is maximized.

The dogs do most of their playing indoors but they have free access to outdoor gravel runs. Our floors are covered with 3/4″ rubber matting which is great for their joints, especially when they are running and playing.

If you can’t really imagine what happens all day in daycare, check out this video that we made one Friday afternoon.  This is a pretty typical day – there is always someone wrestling, running, playing with toys, getting tummy rubs or just taking a break.