New Clients

We are currently accepting new clients!

It’s important that you contact us soon and let us know if you are interested in bringing your dog in for daycare as it will get harder and harder to get openings as time go on. Once we are back at capacity we will stop accepting new clients again.

We are mainly looking to fill what we call “permanent spots”.  These are spots where you are guaranteed a spot each week.  99% of our clients are on a regular schedule – it makes it easier for us to manage the group of dogs (we know who are good playmates together and who might need a closer eye when they interact) but it also means your dog tends to have more fun as they get to see their same friends every week. It is also less stressful on the dog to be with familiar dogs each time, as opposed to it changing constantly.  Some dogs are completely fine with that (they are what we call universal players – they’ll play with any dog willing to play with them) but most dogs seem to bond with particular dogs that then become their playmates.  Each week day has a different mix of dogs and they definitely form strong friendships when they attend regularly.

That being said, if you aren’t looking for a permanent spot, and would just like to bring your dog occasionally or on random days, that’s fine.  If we don’t have space on the day in question, I can add you to the waiting lists for those particular days.  If you have a regular spot and need additional daycare on a day that isn’t your normal day, that’s OK too – but again, you may be placed on the waiting list for those particular days depending on availability.

We currently have space on a regular basis on Mondays any time, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Fridays any time.


How Our Schedule Works

I’ll try and explain a little how things work here… Because we’ve been so busy, we recommend that our clients come on a regular schedule. For example, some dogs come every Monday and Thursday, other dogs come every Friday afternoon, and some come every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. These dogs are guaranteed a spot on those days – they don’t need to call and book every week. Technically they are booked in for daycare from now until the end of time. Now obviously that doesn’t always work as planned. Life happens. People’s jobs change, vacations happen, people move, people have sick days, etc. When someone can’t bring their dog in for their scheduled day, they let us know.  Sometimes they let us know weeks in advance but most of the time we don’t find out until a day or two before or even that morning. If you don’t have a permanent spot, or when you want to bring your dog to daycare on a day when they don’t normally attend, when you call or email to see if your dog can come on Wednesday afternoon (for example) we would put you on a waiting list for that specific day. We usually get at least a few openings every day but we can’t officially offer you the spot until one becomes available.

When You Contact Us

When you call or email to book your dog in for daycare here are a few things we are going to ask you:

  1. Is your dog’s vaccinations up to date?  We require the Rabies, Parvo and Bordetella vaccines to be current.  We accept titre tests as well as for proof of immunity.  You’ll need to bring these records with you on your first visit.
  2. Is your dog at all shy or fearful?  Daycare can be an overwhelming place for dogs that aren’t very confident in group situations. If your dog struggles in a dog park setting, we can almost guarantee they will not have a good time at daycare.  If you think your dog won’t enjoy hanging out with 15 other dogs in their play area, odds are they won’t.  If this is the case, we encourage you to rethink whether or not daycare is a good option for you and your pup.  If you aren’t sure how they will do, we are of course willing to see how it goes!  We do suggest you bring your dog for just a half day visit to start and that you are available to come and get them in case things aren’t going as we’d hoped.
  3. Your dog must come for their first day in the morning and as early as possible.  Ideally they would be the first dog here (we open at 7 a.m.).  We’ve had to turn away quite a few dogs over the years because they were too stressed out when they arrived in the afternoon and some of them might have been OK if they’d come in the morning instead.  We do introductions one at a time but they can still see and hear all the other dogs.  Even confident dogs struggle to walk into a room with 30 dogs.  If they are here early, they get to experience the building filling up slowly and it is much less stressful for them.
  4. How flexible is your schedule?  If you’d like your dog to come for a full day, but could also manage a half day, please let us know.  We tend to get more half day spots available and the more flexible you can be, the more likely we are to have openings that work.
  5. Have you looked around our website?  You can find out a whole lot more about our services including what our rates are, what the difference is between a full day and a half day and what the dogs do all day.  We are also fairly active on our facebook page -  We don’t tend to email our clients unless it is really important, so staying connected on facebook is a great way to keep up to date on upcoming events or products we might be bringing in.  And it is also nice to get a daily dose of cuteness.

We are sorry this is still not going to be a perfect solution for all of you.  We limit the number of dogs that we accept at one time for safety reasons.  Our main priority is the health and happiness of the dogs in our care.

If you would like to schedule some time in daycare for your dog, please email us at and we can try and figure something out that works for you! 

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us!  

We look forward to hearing from you!