Bikejoring Class

Does your dog love to pull on leash?  Does she seem to have endless energy?  Let’s harness those two traits into something fun for both of you – bikejoring and scootering!  Bikejoring and scootering is a type of dog-powered sport that is becoming more and more popular.  It allows your dog to burn off a ton of energy in a short period of time, while still staying on leash.

We are considering offering classes this fall. You will probably need to purchase some additional equipment prior to the the outdoor sessions.  These will include a proper running harness and a tug line and we’ll discuss what to look for and where you can purchase them at the Orientation.  You will also be expected to have access to a bike, or you can rent a scooter from us.

If this sounds like fun, contact us for more information and to be informed of when the classes are going to start.

Note: Due to the popularity of our training classes all our classes are non-transferable and non-refundable if you have attended at least one training session.