Info Sessions

We are going to be partnering with some local businesses in Southern Alberta to offer a couple of dryland mushing information nights.  These will be free, 1 hour sessions that will cover:

  • What is dryland mushing?
  • What do I need to get started?
  • Where can I buy the equipment?
  • What does my dog need to know?
  • What type of dog is required? (Spoiler alert – any dog of any size can do this sport – if they are capable of running with you, they are capable of doing canicross)

July 11 – 6:30-7:30 at Runner’s Soul on Cani-Cross - 2646 South Parkside Drive, Lethbridge. Check out the event page on Facebook and RSVP there if you plan on attending.  While this will specifically be about cani-cross a lot of the information will also be useful for those who want to bikejor or skijor with their dogs but we won’t be specifically talking about the equipment required for those sports (although there is a lot of overlap) and I’d be happy to chat with you at the end of the session as well.


Canicross 4 1024x682 Info Sessions