I love taking pictures of dogs.  Love it.  The more fun that they have, the more fun that I have. So get ready for a fun candid sessions where the dogs get to be dogs, and we are just along for the ride.  Whatever your dog likes to do, is what we’ll do. If they like to swim, lets take them swimming! If they love to fetch and run, we’ll grab some fun, bright toys and have a blast.  If they just like to snuggle and hang out, then we’ll take it easy and give them lots of belly rubs and cuddles.

I want your pet to be as comfortable and natural as possible so it is important to photograph them in locations they are used to. That way they will act the way they normally do and we’ll get images that remind you of the way you spend your time together.  The sessions will be fun for your dog and trust me, they won’t be bored.  My dogs jump with delight when they see the camera as they know that good times are about to happen.

There are a few different session options available, so be sure to check them all out to see what is right for you!

Ollie Marley and Rosco 5 Photography