There are lots of places in the area that I like to photograph dogs.  They all have their pros and cons though and it will depend on what you are looking for and your dog.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of the locations or if you need some help deciding.

To keep dogs safe and within the law, we can shoot at almost any park with the dog on a long line. The long line gives the dog the freedom to move around naturally, yet we can ensure they aren’t running up to strange people or other on-leash dogs. I simply edit out the line so no one even knows it was there.  I prefer to photograph dogs in the quieter, less frequented parks as I find they are less distracted and we spend less time waiting for people to leave the areas we need.

Fairfield Park - Tucked in behind the Lethbridge Research Station is a very cute little park that is stunning in the summer and fall.  There are areas of wide open spaces, beautiful shrubs and lots of trees.  This park is perfect for shorter dogs as the lawn is generally well manicured.  There is lots of room for the dogs to run, there are trees for a more “woodsy” feel and lots of flowers for a pop of colour.

Fairfield Gardens collage 1024x682 Locations

Pavan Park - If you are looking for a more “natural” backdrop, Pavan Park is definitely my go-to location.  There are lots of areas of long grasses, trees and shrubs that allow us to get a variety of photos without needing to walk far.  If you dog is a fan of the water, there is an area we can access the river.

Pavan collage 1024x682 Locations

Park Lake - This is favourite of mine is you are looking for a large mix of images.  It’s got areas of native grasses but also well manicured lawns.  This park can be quite busy in the summer but in the off season, it is easy to find some quiet areas.  This is a particular good location for beautiful fall colours.

Aperture Park - This park is generally quiet all year round and can provide a variety of backdrops without us needing to wander too far.

Nicholas Sheran – There are lots of wide open spaces and beautifully manicured lawns at this park but it also tends to be a little busier. Mornings tend to be quieter and it can be a lovely place to get some photos in the early morning.

Local Dog Parks - I don’t tend to do sessions at the dog parks. They can be busy and full of distractions.  But they can still be done there if that’s what you want. If you are a regular at the dog park, it can be nice to have images in a place that your dog is familiar with.

Fort MacLeod Dog Park  - Despite being a “dog park”, this park is not often busy.  There are tons of shrubs, and trees it is still very much in it’s natural state.  It isn’t particularly ideal for shorter dogs but it can be a visually rich environment that makes the 30 minute drive from Lethbridge worth it.