There are lots of places in the area that I like to photograph dogs.  They all have their pros and cons though and it will depend on what you are looking for and your dog.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of the locations or if you need some help deciding.

Local Dog Parks

There are 3 local dog parks.  The nice thing about these is that dogs are allowed to be off leash and there is lots of room for them to run.  However if your dog isn’t very social, or isn’t used to going to dog parks this is obviously not a good option for you.  These parks all have natural grasses that are great for big dogs but can be too tall for small dogs at times.

Scenic Dog Park - This is the busiest of the 3 parks but in the summer, it can also be the loveliest because of all the wildflowers.

Scenic 1 Locations

Popson Park  – Popson is the quietest of all the parks, has great access to the river and has tonnes of textures due to the shrubs and trees.  It also has lots of natural grasses but also has some mowed areas that makes it perfect for the smaller dogs.  There is also a great little hill that I love to do silhouettes on.  We can do silhouettes at the other parks as well but it will involve climbing to the top of a great big coulee.  The maindraw back to Popson is that there are rattlesnakes in the park from May to September that may pose a risk.

Popson 1 Locations

Peenaquim – This park also has decent water access and lots of space for the dogs to run around. While it can be busier, it is still easy to find spots to photograph the dogs with minimal interruptions. Of the three dog parks, this one is the most limited for smaller/shorter dogs.

Peenaquim 1 Locations

Local “Regular” Parks

We can also do a session at any of the local parks, however we need to be very aware of the other people in the park, especially if we take the dogs off leash.  I’m only comfortable doing this if we are in an area where we can see people coming and if your dog has a pretty reliable recall.  While I personally have my dogs off leash in areas where they shouldn’t be often, I’m very careful to never let them run up to other people or pets. In my opinion, if it isn’t a designated off leash area, dogs should not be allowed to run up and greet people.  Not everyone likes dogs and I respect that.  I have a couple of long lines that we can attach to the dogs and edit out after.  I find these parks can be ideal for shorter dogs as there is lots of mowed grass to run on.

Nicholas Sheran  – There are lots of wide open spaces and beautifully manicured lawns.  There is even a little “island” that we can use where letting a dog off leash is very manageable due to the limited access.

NS 1 Locations

Henderson Lake  – Lots of beautiful scenery but for the most part, dogs will need to be on a long-line which I will edit out after.

Henderson 1 Locations

Park Lake - This is a great place to go in the off season but is way too busy in the summer months.  There is great access to the lake, lots of beautiful trees, long natural grasses as well as mowed areas.


Park Lake 11 Locations

Pavan Park - There are lots of great places to go in this park including the water.

Pavan 1 Locations

Research Station – Tucked in behind the Lethbridge Research Station is a very cute little park that is stunning in the summer and fall.  There are areas of wide open spaces, beautiful shrubs and lots of trees.  While the park isn’t very busy, a good recall or a long line may still be necessary just because the park isn’t that big.

Research Station 1 Locations

Ball Diamonds – These can be good places for dogs with limited experience off leash.  They are generally fenced in except for small openings and can provide the dogs opportunities to run free of a long line.

A Bit Farther Away

If you are up for a slightly longer drive, these can be a fun alternative to some of the local areas.  These are not available for mini sessions though.

Fort MacLeod Dog Park  – This park has tonnes of shrubs, tonnes of trees and no other people.  It is still very much in it’s natural state so it is not ideal for shorter or smaller dogs.  There is also access to the river near by.

Fort Mac 1 Locations

St. Mary’s Reservoir - This area can also be only used in the off season but it can be a lot of fun.  Wide open beach areas with lots of shallow water for splashing in.  There is also lots of access to trees, shrubs and natural grasses. This would be a great location for big or small dogs.

St. Marys 1 Locations